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Welcome to the last issue of the year for the Working/Herding Dog Digest. As we proudly head into our 18th year of Publishing a one of a kind publication, I once again must thank from the bottom of my heart our many clients thru the years for their amazing support and friendship all this time. One of things I am most proud of are the clients that come back to us generation after generation. We ALWAYS have and we ALWAYS will Work for you. 

On a picture perfect day in historic Monticello, Georgia I was honored to be among the many friends of Elizabeth Crawford and Robbie Van Vleet that came together at the beautiful home of Tom & Merry Jeanne Millner of Sendero Briards to celebrate the wedding of the year. 

Joan Scott was absolutely beaming in the role of “Mother Of The Bride”.The many well wishers included:Chris Manelopoulos & Rachel Corbin, Dr. Adam & Lucas King,Ed & Cheryl Heath,Julie Field,Dianne Connolly,Frank & Judy DePaulo,Tim & Gretchen Conradt,Tom Bradley,Dottie Collier,Karen Fedi,Shelby Roberts,Mari-Beth O’Neil,Mari Carroll,Anne Bowes,Andrew Carter,Klayton Harris,Judy Hart,Robin Greenslade,Stephanie Hedgepath,Nancy Matthews,Sue King,Karen Fruhmann,Debby Beal,Don & Pat Coller,Kate Hanlon,Audrey Lycan,Sonja Hillier,Amy Caple,Kathy Vogel,Danielle Ardagna,Sarah Janner,Angela Lloyd,Kellie Fitzgerald,David Fitzpatrick,Peggy Bosse,Ruth Lebet,Vince & Cindy Savioli,Michael Faulkner,Jennifer Johnston,Robin Herrick,Marty Gawry & Damara Bolte. 

I wish this wonderful couple decades and decades of pure joy and happiness. 

Rarely do I talk about dogs in my column for risk of being accused of promoting one client over the other but this is one time I feel I can make an exception as I have no doubt that this was this iconic exhibits very last show, and I just must share this inspirational story of an incredible team that touched and motivated an entire new generation. I’m talking about the one and only Breeder-Owner-Handled Doberman Pinscher “Fifi”. Winner of the Working Group at Westminster in 2012~75 All Breed Bests In Show and now her 4th National Specialty at 10 years of age! Indeed this was a record now set in Dobermans that will undoubtedly stand for many a year. Interesting note I wonder if ANY dog of ANY Breed has won a National Specialty twice under the same Judge. It was Judge: Faye Strauss who awarded “Fifi” her first National Specialty B.O.B. and it was also Mrs. Strauss who awarded the 2018 top honors. Proving that you don’t have to change your mind if you got it right the first time. 

Our next issue is our Westminster Issue- we have all of the top 5 Invitees listed in this issue~ Deadline:January 15th 2019. Please contact me today to reserve a page in this spectacular issue. 

What is your New Years Resolution for 2019? Finishing your first dog from The Bred By Class? Getting a dog ranked the highest you ever have before? Applying for new Breeds to Judge? Whatever it is... in 2019 turn your thoughts into reality- we only get to go around this big ring once. Make the most out of it. 

That’s all for now, I’ll see you at the shows!

James Perry Taylor, Publisher


289 Jonesboro Road # 371
McDonough, Georgia 30253


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