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Welcome to the August/September issue of the Working/Herding Dog Digest.

I hope you have enjoyed your summer thus far and had a chance to get away to someplace special if you were fortunate to have any time off. I myself decided I wanted to start covering shows that I have never attended before. First place to go was the Woofstock Cluster out in Northern,California . Thank you so much Remy Smith-Lewis for picking me up and getting me back to the airport on time. You are indeed a scholar and a gentleman. This is a weekend I plan to attend every year. Must say I was shocked to hear these shows are not even nominated for “Show of the Year”.  Makes me wonder who’s doing the voting for this spectacular event to get overlooked.

Linda Baker of Elba St. Bernard’s has long been a great campaigner of top winning St. Bernards. Having the # 1 Dog in the country on many occasions. Has teamed up with a new handler– Heather Bremmer. I have always believed that change is good and new relationships are important if you wish to grow and expand your horizons. I wish this new team all the best as they continue on with a new goal in mind.

My barber, whose name  is “Greatness” by the way  really got me to thinking during a recent styling- when I told him I had just posted on Facebook that I was looking for someone to whelp a litter of Akita puppies for me. Because it is so much work and I don’t have any extra time.  I was surprised how adamant he was reminding me that this IS my destiny and I could produce the next great Akita in this litter. I honestly felt a little entitled and foolish as he went on to say “I was doing a job for $9.00 an hour sweeping up-waiting tables-washing dishes and anything else my boss asked me to do. All to take care of my wife and two kids. You get to follow your childhood passion, how can you complain? REALITY CHECK! As soon as I got home I thanked those that offered their help and deleted that post.

Our next issue is our Fall Issue that is passed out at ALL the National Specialties for Working & Herding Dogs. Closing date is  September:15th. At The Working/Herding Dog Digest our House is your house. Come on in.

I love to laugh, I love to make people laugh, and I love to even make my dogs laugh. It releases endorphins that are the secret to pure joy. So with that in mind I decided from this issue on to tell a funny story in each Publisher’s Page.

So here is a funny story #1~ Picture this, 22 years ago I’m in North Carolina in a charming little market with the great Bill Andrews (Husband of B.J. Andrews of O’BJ Akitas). Bill and BJ were always up on the newest gadgets and Bill had on his belt buckle a pager/walkie talkie so BJ could reach him at anytime and as well to use for their thriving Rota Rooter business. We’re in the checkout line and all of a sudden you hear B.J.”s  voice so loud as if she was on the intercom asking “Bill!....where are you?!?...... Bill, hits the walkie back and says “Me and James are at the store BJ!”…she loudly replies “Well hurry back you know we have to do a second breeding before it gets dark out back!”. I of course was mortified, Bill on the other hand just grinned showing all his teeth and explained proudly to the crowd “ Damn! My wife just won’t leave me alone since I got this new hair cut”.

That’s all for now, I’ll see you at the shows!

James Perry Taylor, Publisher


289 Jonesboro Road # 371
McDonough, Georgia 30253


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