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Welcome to the colorful spring issue of The Working/Herding Dog Digest.

The cold days and nights of winter are now behind us. Even though in a few parts of the country Old Father Winter made sure his icy presence was felt just a little longer than expected. I feel it safe to say a new beautiful season is now upon us. Spring is definitely in the air so make sure you get out and enjoy the great outdoors with a dog faithfully by your side.

Congratulations to all the winners at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club this year. This iconic event always has been and always will be the show you dream to win. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the Christina Miller article in this issue: Things to ponder while waiting for Groups.

 I put my twist on her article and came up with things I ponder on after big shows: 

I wanted just ONE dog to take a look at that ring robot in the groups at Westminster and just rip its cover off, I understand the director has done Super bowls and other big sporting events in the past but someone in the meetings beforehand needs to raise his/ her hand and explain to him that these are DOGS not multi-million dollar paid athletes. It was interesting to notice that none of the dogs in the Toy Group seemed to care as much as the Working Group. That is because these are the Breeds that were bred for service to man and are supposed to notice when something just isn’t right. Applause to the skilled handlers who were able to switch their dogs’ attention back to focusing on them instead of the monsters in Manhattan. This can NOT continue. 

If I had one wish when those animal rights activist ran into the ring at Crufts it would have been that they had the Cahoonas to do it during the Police Dog demonstration. Can you imagine the applause those Belgian Malinois would have received as they “Herded” those people right out of the exit gate.

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Always remember, we work for you!


That’s All For Now, I’ll See You At The Shows.

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