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Welcome to the beautiful April/May Issue of The Working/Herding Dog Digest.

Our 3rd Winter Wonderland Party held in New York the Saturday night before Westminster was again a huge success, thanks to our generous co-sponsors: Dawne Deeley and Stacey Borrmann.

Just a few of our guests seen dancing the night away were: Denise Dean, Joe Gregory, Evelyn Gregory, David Haddock, Andy Linton, Kenichi Kato, Jack & Andy McIlwaine,Jason McIlwaine, Jodi Gerlings, Tyler Crady-Roche, Susan Perry-Hinkle, Tommy & Merry Jeanne Milner, Joan Scott, Dr. Gerard & June Penta, Hiram Stewart, Tim & Megahan Terella, Marc Ralsky, Correen Pacht, Rita Biddle, Dawn Hubbard, Deanne Hawkes, Eileen Weatherbee, Greg & Sulie Paveza, Kent & Robin MacFarlane, Doug & Kay Belter, Jack Ireland, Kristina Rickard, Joann Emedi, Roxhanne Robertson, Nancy Fisk, Rhanda Glenn, Marilu Novy, Angie Chase, Remy & Carissa Smith-Lewis, Cindy Crawford, Judi Elford, Robbie Hughes, Liv  Calebrese, Megan Hoff, Lenny Brown, Janice Granada, Klayton Harris, Adriano & Danielle Rocha, Madelyn Warcholik, Jeffrey Deaver, Deanna Rotkowski, Cindy Spurdeck, Eric & Joan Liebes, Tracy West, Connor Black, Kasey Von Engel, Dr. Megan Michael, Stephanie Taylor, Dr. Carmen Battaglia, Mike Stone, Alisa Syar, Andrea Casterline, Bailee Rodgers, Laura Kling, Richard Hellman, Jamie Clute, Rachel Corbin, Chris Manelopoulos, Elizabeth Crawford, JD  & Tara Rowell, Danica Eiswerth, Lauren Wickwire, Jody Grimm, Greg Payne, Kara & Alyssa Janiszak, Michael Shepherd, Cheryl & Keith Robbins, Bonnie Wageman, Dottie James, Bill Shelton, Steve Leyerly, Billy Huntington, Brendan Coleman, Bill Rodriguez, Erica Benson, Hayley Whitcomb, Colin Brownlee, Kelly Shane, Megan Hoff, Faith Ott, Julie Mueller and quite a few other party goers. We are already working on an even bigger event next year. Hope to see you there. 

My friend Laura Kling was involved in a car accident while driving home from the Collie National. I hope this hard working lady is up and around and back to normal real soon.

The dog world has lost one of it’s all time greats with the passing of  J.D. Jones. The epitome of a Southern gentleman, Don Judged the Herding Groups at Westminster and Best In Show in 2008. Atlanta will never be the same. Rest in peace Mr. Jones.

My wonderful club that I am so proud to be a member of The North Georgia Working Group Assoc. is having back to back shows on October 17th, make sure you put us on your calendar and come to Atlanta for a quality packed day filled with beautiful Working Dogs and respected Judges.

Really looking forward to my Judging at the Carolina Working Group Assoc on May 30th. I’m Judging the Veteran and Puppy Sweeps groups. I just cant wait to get my hands on our greats of yesterday and future hopefuls as well.

A BIG congratulations to “Amaze” The Siberian Husky bitch for becoming the top winning Siberian Husky in Breed History with her 61st Best In Show awarded by Anne Marie Taylor. To her owners,breeder and handlers applause, applause on putting your gorgeous red head in the history books. Next stop....PUPPIES!

Our next issue is our hot, hot June/July Issue-please contact me today at 678-759-1601 to reserve a great page in this special issue.

That’s all for now, I’ll see you at the shows.

James Perry Taylor, Publisher


289 Jonesboro Road # 371
McDonough, Georgia 30253


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