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Welcome to the latest beautiful issue of the Working/Herding Dog Digest. Our commitment to our clients knows no equa l- we are not content to just send the magazine in the mail to the many judges and treasured subscribers. We pass them out at shows all across the country as well as going to EVERY National Specialty for Working and Herding Breeds. Our motto always has been and always will be “WE WORK FOR YOU”...and it shows.

I have a lot on my plate for August and September. The Mt Rainier Working Dog Shows in beautiful Washington, the Cherokee Rose Cluster in Atlanta, The Akita National in Colorado and all the time of course putting together the exciting Fall issue of The Working/Herding Dog Digest.

I’m really looking forward to the Akita National this year as I have always looked at the National Specialty sort of like a big convention where many like minded people get together from different parts of the word to work on a better tomorrow. It is not so much of who wins or loses but a chance to get to visit old friends make new ones and see what the future holds for your Breed.

I’m thrilled to announce the North Georgia Working Group Assoc. is having it’s final “A” Match after the Lawrenceville Kennel Club in August. Taking it one step closer to being able to hold its first A.K.C show- congratulations to such hard working club member as Sharon Smith, Alberto & Terry Berrios, Dr. Carmen Battaglia, Audrey Lycan, Andrea Bradford, Sandy Weaver, Pam Dehetre, Ann Hearn, Barbara Finch, Lynn Moser, Jackie Dillworth, Birgit Von Pelser and a wine connoisseur of the finest taste Joseph Smith.

The deadline for our next issue is September: 15th we are doing special features on Black Russian Terriers, Doberman Pinschers, Great Dane, Siberian Huskies, Berger Picards, Bouvier Des Flandres & German Shepherds. This issue will get distributed at each of these Breeds National Specialties and promises to be a coffee table keepsake. Help us in spreading the word about this very special issue.

I couldn’t end this column without sharing my sorrow upon hearing of the passing of the master of Siberian Huskies: Thomas L. Oelschlager. Known the world over as Tommy O’ of Kontoki Siberian fame - we are going to do a tribute to Tommy in our Siberian feature where some of his legions of friends can bid this gentleman a fond farewell. I must share a little something about Tommy and I - we NEVER had less than an hour long conversation - many of them stretching far after the Midnight hour. When phone companies’ years ago started offering these plans of “Free Long Distance” we both knew we would save tons of money. True story: A investigator from the Pacific Bell phone company once called me to let me know in one month someone was calling Los Angeles to Finleyville every week-always late at night and for extended periods of times and I needed to be aware my next bill was going to be over a thousand dollars. I was in a playful mood so acted surprised with an “Oh My!” She then went on to ask if I had any idea who in my household could be making such extensive, expensive calls. I said I think I do… she asked WHO… I laughed and said… ME!

I will forever miss Tommy O’.

That’s all for now, I’ll see you at the shows,
James Taylor


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