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Welcome to the exciting new issue of The Working/Herding Dog Digest.

Happy, Happy 90th birthday to Damara Bolte of Reville Basenjis & Mastiffs. One word always comes to mind when I think of Ms. Bolte and that word is integrity. They truly broke the mold when they made this very special lady.

I am beyond sad to have to write about the passing of my dog show mother Ms. Audrey Lycan.
To know Audrey was to love her. An amazing woman who’s life would fill several books. She was a Real Estate Agent, A.K.C. Kennel Inspector, Popular Judge, and a highly respected Breeder of Samoyeds. In our very last talk she was still sharp as a tack and was so thrilled when I told her America’s Top Dog All Breeds the handsome “STRIKER” had just broken the long-standing Best In Show record for her beloved Breed. I will miss her so very much as I know will the many, many friends she had all over the country. Rest In Peace my generous and beautiful friend.

Wow! What a year 2021 is for Australian Shepherds. Current rankings have 3 of the top 4 Herding Dogs being held by this great Breed. Applause to the owner-Breeders and Handlers of these great dogs for showing such camaraderie in the face of such stiff competition.

The old saying of “Gay Paris”... (please say with an accent) has taken on an all-new meaning now that Gay Glazbrook has entered the wonderful world of Berger Picards with her precious puppy girl “PARIS”. This young stunner is from the famed Eclipse kennels of Donna Beadle and has my best friend feeling the joy and excitement that only comes with the bonding of a special new four-legged sidekick.

Every time I ran into Merry Jeanne Millner of Sendero Briards fame at a recent show she was cuddling with her new Tawny puppy... YES, I did say “Tawny” according to MJ... she may have crossed over to the dark side. Time will tell.

Please contact me today to reserve an ad in our December/January issue. This issue is passed out at both the A.K.C. National Championship in Orlando in December as well at the Iconic Westminster Kennel Club in New York City in January. Closing Date is November 21st.

That’s all for now, I’ll see you at the shows.

James Perry Taylor, Publisher



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