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Welcome to our many friends across the world to the exciting April/May issue of The Working/Herding Dog Digest.

Looking forward to having this issue at Westminster, the Rottweiler National, American Boxer Club and of course All-Breed shows across the country.

After Westminster, if you are traveling down the East Coast, make a stop in Perry, Georgia at my show - The North Georgia Working Group Association on Thursday May 11th, and Saturday May 13th.  We have great Judges: Ed Fojtik, Sandy Weaver, Wendy Sorrell and Pamela Dehetre, as well as BIG money prizes.  The winner of the NOHS Group wins $100.00. The winner of the regular Working Group wins a Full-Page Color ad in The Working Dog Digest.  

Our amazing President Terry Berrios has let no stone unturned in putting on a spectacular event. We look forward to seeing you there.

It seems there are so many are keyboard warriors who really have no respect or place in the real society.  This is why we are looking for new writers to add to our hardworking team at the Working/Herding Dog Digest.

We need new writers that believe in educating and guiding interested individuals in our great sport of showing dogs. We do not ask you to do it just because you like to write, or you want to give back to the sport. We PAY you real American money!

Please contact me today at 678-759-1601 so we can talk about your ideas and making them a reality on glossy paper that can be read decades from now.

My condolences to Vickie Venzen on the passing of her beloved father on Easter Sunday. It was a day of extreme highs and lows for Vickie on the same day as she won the Working Group with her Leonberger bitch “Vixen.” She received this devastating news from family, and then had to put on a happy face and go in the big ring and compete for Best in Show. I don’t know how she did, it but one must find faith in knowing our parents last wishes are always that their children are doing what makes them happy. How proud her father must have been.

In my over 40 years of going to dog shows I have had the pleasure of staying on the grounds overnight in a motor home on only three occasions.

I have gone to dinner and stayed for drinks with friends in their rigs hundreds of times, before heading back to my hotel room.  I guess I have been lucky, as I have always been able to get out of the gates from the parking lot.

However, I am aware that most parking has a time limit as to the earliest and the latest you may come and go.
One of our favorite girls Megan Hof, was not so lucky at the Rosenberg shows in Texas on Easter weekend. As she tried to leave at 10:30, she found ALL the gates were locked, and no one was answering the contact number in the premium list. The poor thing had to sleep in her van and wait until the gate was opened at 5:45 in the morning to get out of there and back to the comforts of the La Quinta. So many voiced their opinions, with most saying this is unacceptable, locking people in the fairgrounds. What if there was an emergency?!?  A few said they have always felt safer if the gates were locked after a certain time, to keep unwanted intruders out. How do you feel about this?  Make sure you voice your opinion at your next club meeting so something like this NEVER happens at your show.

The deadline for our next exciting issue is June 5th.  Contact me today to reserve an ad in our Sizzling Summer Issue!

That’s All For Now, I’ll See You At The Shows
James Taylor

289 Jonesboro Road # 371
McDonough, Georgia 30253

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