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Welcome one, welcome all to the beautiful July/August issue of The Working/Herding Dog Digest!

There REALLY is no place like HOME. Proving that old saying to be true, Westminster Kennel Club after 4 years has returned to the Iconic Madison Square Garden for the Group and Best In Show Judging Monday and Tuesday nights-February 10th and 11th. day judging is held at the nearby Javits Center. I join the fancy who values and respects the great tradition of the world’s greatest dog show in thanking the hard-working members of this exclusive Kennel Club on the tireless work that went in to making this happen. I’m so looking forward to us going back to where we belong. I cannot wait to witness firsthand the multi-million dollar renovations that “The Garden” has went through while we have been away.

The 2025 illustrious panel is headed by the 2024 Judge Of The Year: Mrs. Paula Nykiel. Mrs. Nykiel has previously judged the Sporting Group twice at Westminster as well as the Working Group in 2023. Tuesday night when she walks into the ring to decide which one will become “America’s Dog” is going to be an epic night filled with unforgettable memories. Congratulations Paula on the greatest assignment of your beautiful life.

Mrs. Janina Laurin has the honor of Judging the Herding Group Monday night. Here’s a bit of Herding Dog trivia that many may not realize Mrs. Laurin’s mother: Edeltraud Laurin also Judged the Herding Group at Madison Square Garden in 1995. I interviewed Janina for my “Great Breeders Series” if you would like to gain a bit of insight on this dedicated Belgian Tervuren Breeder and highly respected Judge go to page HD 64 and 65 in this issue.

The Great Dane world is mourning the loss of one of its bigger than life allies. The one and only Tootie Longo. Black Great Danes became competitive on the highest level at any show because of Tootie’s: Longo’s Kennel. Her dogs hold records as the FIRST of its color in all the record books and in typical Tootie fashion she left this earth as the proud Breeder-Owner of the Top Winning Great Of All Time our past Cover Girl-the illustrious “Scout”. Rest in peace GREAT Lady.

Deadline for our next issue is August 15th. You can contact me direct at or 817-238-3274 to reserve an ad. All we need is the picture and we can do everything else. We do NOT charge our clients one penny extra to come up with the concept and ad design. As we approach our 22nd year in business our motto was and always will be...”We WORK for you”. We LOVE what we do, and it SHOWS. 

When we put the call out to the Portuguese Water Dog people that we were doing a Special feature on the Breed. Not only did the hear the call..they came, and they came, and they CAME. You will not find any magazine in the world that has gathered this many beautiful PWD’s and interviews from so many dedicated breeders in one very special issue. Take the time to get educated by the Best in the Breed and read why they are so passionate about their dogs and the finer nuances of the Breed they want Judges to pay MORE attention to when Judging Portuguese Water Dogs. The top winning PWD’s in history- “Clipper”, “Spencer”, “Ladybug” and “Matisse” have all been on the Front Cover of The Working Dog Digest. We are very proud to be the go-to magazine for the Portuguese Waterdog family. Already looking forward to next year’s special feature.Our magazine has always believed in Breed Education-we are ALWAYS searching out new, GOOD, writers to help in that goal. If you are a writer with the knowledge and EXPERIENCE, we would love to hear from you about writing informative articles for The Working/Herding Dog Digest. In this issue we have the President of the American Boxer Club: Bridget Brown doing the report on ABC this year as well as Nancy Griego: Past President of The Rottweiler Club of America and this year’s Breed Judge doing the article on the Rottie National.So, as you can see and READ this magazine ONLY wants the best for our readers. The Best dogs, the best ads and the best articles.

It’s what we do.

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That's all for now, I'll see you at the shows.

James Perry Taylor
Publisher: The Working/Herding Dog Digest
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289 Jonesboro Road # 371
McDonough, Georgia 30253

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